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Weird Lag and Dropping---COH

Hey all,

About a month ago my dad starting randomly dropping in our Company of Heroes Matches. We have been playing the game without hardly any problems, and suddenly out of the blue he starts dropping. Originally I had the router DMZ set to my pc, since i did most of the gaming with friends etc. Never had a problem. Then suddenly he starts dropping, but before he would drop the game would start getting laggy and the sound gets all distorted. Well, thinking it might just have been some driver issues, and he was about ready to upgrade anyway, today install Windows 7 64 bit, wiping the HDD. I install latest Nvidia Driver, and start up COH. Start up a skirmish match, and get about 60 fps with all settings turned to high. Using MSI Afterburner, temperature never goes over about 73 C. So thinking everything is all good we decide to play a match with each other against bots. First 10 min no problems, then boom it gets laggy for him with the weird sound glitching. We finish the match, him lagging all the way through it. Then we try another match, this time lowering his settings. Same FPS, same lag, same sound glitch. Then Boom, he drops.

We have never had this problem before. I am fairly good with trouble shooting and repair, but this has got me stumped. I don't think it can be overheating, he has always been playing this game with the temperature getting that high, which really isn't even that high.

If anyone has any ideas or even knows what the heck is happening that would be much appreciated.

Also before the reformat, I dmzed the router to his Computer, but still he would drop. We have never had any network problems in the past ever since we called and got everything all set up for gaming (DMZ, bridging router to modem). Just out of the blue, it starts.

His system
Intel Core 2 Duo 3.00ghz
4 GB DDr2
8800gt superclocked
Windows 7 64 bit
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  1. is he wireless or hard wired to router?
  2. I'm pretty sure it's a problem with overheating. 73 degrees looks a bit hot. Did you check the temps while gaming ? Did you see if that 8800 got any sorts of dust in it ?
  3. He is wired to the router. 73 is the temperature while gaming.

    We checked inside the pc and hardly and dust at all.
  4. try reinstalling the sound driver and the network card driver

    also if any of his sound,network or video drivers were updated just before this started happening you might want to try a little bit older drivers

    new drivers can have unknown glitches you know :)
  5. Ok so we installed latest sound driver, network card driver, and motherboard driver. Tried COH again, this time he didn't drop, but within 20 min the sound got all distorted and the game started acting funny again. Then we decided to switch to Bad Company 2, played for a long time without a single problem. No lag, weird sound, dropping.

    When the COH problem started about a month ago, we didn't do any new updates. It was just a totally freak think that started. That's why i assumed that it must be hardware related. But, then why is it just 1 game?
  6. if it is just one game I am thinking it is a video card driver issue

    try going back a couple of versions of the GPU driver

    AMD especially can get buggy with drivers
    and Nvidia too

    sound familiar? :)
  7. Yeah sounds familiar but that is impossible. When it first happened he was using a old driver, then after reformat i threw the newest driver to date on and still same thing.
  8. IDK that

    what kind of software firewall he is running?

    also the sound thing is weird
    try disabling sound on his computer and then playing
    then you would know if it is sound related
  9. Ok so tell me how strange this is. He can play Company of Heroes single player, but when he goes multiplayer within 20-30 min the horrible noise and lag suddenly appears. Also, forgot to mention that when he turns his pc on, nothing happens. Monitor still is in standby and the HDD light doesn't flicker or turn on. After a few restarts everything will start working. And, sometimes the computer wont wake up from sleep mode, and a hard boot is necessary.

    He is going to be buying a new graphics card, we are thinking this might have something to do with it. Motherboard failing possibly?
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    maybe PSU?
    Bad power supplies cause strange symptoms
  11. Is there any way to test that? Any programs we can download that will test hardware?
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