Graphics Workstaion Part's List for the Newbie

Twin Display capable Box needed for multi-tasking in Adobe programs, Dreamweaver, 3-D Studio Max, Director, Sound Forge, Ect...

just call me crashomatic
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  1. Got any budget guidelines?

    I'd go with

    AMD761MP mobo (choose whichever mobo manufacturer you want)
    2x1.4G Athlons
    Decent Heat sinks (take a look at Toms Cooler guide)
    1024M RAM
    twin or quad 75 Gig IBM deskstar drives (use RAID)
    CD RW Drive (you choose)
    DVD Drive (you choose)
    CoolerMaster Case (350 or 400 W)
    Graphics card is difficult if you need twin monitor,
    for a single monitor solution I'd go with an Oxygen GVX1 Pro
    I don't know what I'd use for a twin monitor, depends on your planned work profile for the 2nd monitor, if monitor 2 is for non-3d apps you could try a PCI card. I had a Matrox twin monitor setup and hardly ever used the second monitor so I went back to a single monitor solution when I ordered the next workstation. (If you want to see the specs of my current workstation it's in the PC specs post in Other)

    For website design I use an old Linux box (PII 450) to host and view the site and my workstation for editing. Can be useful to check your websites on a Linux/Unix box as windoze is not case sensitive and has a habit of displaying different case for filenames to what they actually are - filenames that are all in CAPS often get displayed as Title Case in Windoze, can screw things up when you get to Unix/Linux if you're not aware of it. Also means you get to see your work in different browsers (I use Navigator and Opera on Linux) useful if you want to ensure your sight looks good to everyone.


    Look at the size of that thing!
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