Help! Computer shuts itself down after 4 seconds.

Hi all. I've just about torn my hair out because of this new computer I'm putting together. What happens is that when everything is plugged in and everything is ready to be turned on...the computer turns on for about 4 seconds and shuts itself off. I've tried several things but nothing has worked.

I have another computer that is functioning perfectly and have run some tests involving both of them.

Non-Working computer=CPU1
Working computer=CPU2

Here are some of the things I've tried:

1.) Pulled out every single card except for the video card on CPU1. No effect.

2.) Used CPU2's power source on CPU1. No effect.

3.) Used CPU1 on CPU2's power source. No effect.

So far, CPU2 doesn't work on EITHER power sources but CPU1 works fine on either one.

4.) Pulled out EVERY device connected to the motherboard except for the power and chip. No effect.

5.) Pulled the chip out. Motherboard stays on and keeps running.

Ah ha. Getting somewhere. I figured it by now that the chip was faulty. Ordered another chip.

6.) Plugged in new chip into the motherboard. No effect. Computer shuts down after 4 seconds.


Anyone have ANY ideas since I'm clueless. Here are my specs.

AMD T-Bird 1GHz
256 MB RAM
2 IBM 20 GIG HDs with a Raid controller
GeForce 2 MX
Soundblaster Live! Value
Case with 300 Watts
Intel NIC card

Thanks for any help you can give.
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  1. Don't want to jump to conclusions, but it sounds like you've got a bad board. If you pull out everything but the chip does it at least beep saying there's no RAM? Also, make sure the leads are plugged in correctly to the case.
  2. HEH....Sounds to me like you got the HSF plugged into
    fan header 2 instead of fan header 1.

    That board will shut down after 3-4 seconds if it doesn't detect a fan pugged into fan header 1.

    Let us know =8-] ...but I think ur gonna laugh at yourself
    over that one.

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  3. Yep, sounds like the fan is either plugged into the wrong header, or no header at all (straight into psu connector), The boards are now going out with a leaflet in them saying the fan MUST be connected to header2, but not all of them have this- if the fan aint connected, it will shut down to protect the cpu.

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