Help me find this old game?

i've been trying to find the name of this game for so long, it has been driving me CRAZY. I used to play this strategy/puzzleish pc game. (it was made before 03) where your like in ships trying to prevent a city from being destroyed or something setting traps in different areas and they react with the enemies traps and stuff. i remember this creepy cymbal monkey xD There was also a part where you have to do a puzzle int the sewers with pipes or something? And like a robot bug battle with minigame or somthing? anyone kno? this is seriously driving me crazy.
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  1. UGHHH anyone T.T
  2. NO idea. As I say to everyone looking for old games try the database or and maybe have a look. unless the game isnt THAT old, in which case sorry, I have no idea what you're talking about...sounds fun though :)
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