ASUS A7V Motherboard Support The AMD Athlon CPU?

Does the ASUS A7V Motherboard Support the AMD Athlon 1.4 GHZ CPU?

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  1. YEAP! 200fsb though, (I hope you know what is FSB...), you have to go to BETA BIOS and download BETA 1008 BIOS update and it allows 1.4Ghz Athlon tbird 200fsb on your A7V. You know how to flash BIOS, don't you?
  2. have you used this bios update, manarch? just wondering how you know it supports 1.4 athlon. there is no read me file with the bios....

    ignore everything i say
  3. YEAP! BETA but works, i got it acctually from ASUS tech. support, I questiones then (e-mailed) about putting 1.3Ghz Athlon on A7V and they said THIS 1008 UPDATE WILL ALLOW PUTTING 1.4GHZ tBIRD 200FSB on A7V, they send it to me as attachment. It also soloves many cooling problems too, some people had 15 degees fall from this update, went from 43 desgrees to 39 on my mobo (cecius) and it is SUPER stable and increases performance with 4.32 4-in-1 drivers. It really kicks some ass.
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