Whats the difference between bus speeds and memory

Like you'll see pc-133 boards boasting about 266FSB speeds
but your memory say will only run at 133 or 150Mhz
so does that mean your actually only running at 133 or
150Mhz for your memory bus? Or are you actually running
at 266mhz from your cpu to memory,but your memory to
bus is going 133mhz?

just a little confused about that.

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  1. Simply put its 133 at double the bandwidth = 266

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  3. the cpu is never directly connected to the memory, its the chipset that connects to both. so the CPU as designed, might use a FSB of 266MHz DDR (using both clock edges) at 133MHz real frequency to the chipset, while the chipset may connect to a SDR or DDR memory whatever it supports and whatever is installed. a overclocked FSB of say 150MHz qill give 300MHz DDR, but thats just relevent when you really use DDR-SDRAM.

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