Can I run GTA 4 with these specs

Hey, I'm upgrading my internal nvidia geforce 9100 (sucks) to an ati radeon hd 5670 1gb and adding a 400watt power supply.
Can I run GTA 4 with the following specs?

Ati radeon hd 5670 1gb
400watt power supply
amd phenom x3 64 2.1ghz
4gb of ram

It's more the processor I'm concerned about. I know it comes withing the gta 4 recommended requirements, but will I get a smooth running game at nice quality? Whats the max I can run it at? Thx for your help

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  1. Thanks but that doesn't answer my question. Im not informed about ur card that's why I'm asking specifically if I can run it with my specs
  2. You can run it but don't expect buttery smooth gameplay or the max settings. If your fine with running it on lower settings then try it out. I get about 30fps on max and with the texture mods on my 560ti and i5 2500k.
  3. ^+1

    Your processor is the weakling as far as GTA4 goes. The GPU may be able to pull it off if there is a substantially peppy CPU. You're only on 2.1 Ghz. Had it been something like 2.6 or even 2.33, it would have been manageable.

    As stated above, while you may be able to 'run' it, it won't be smooth and will definitely need to be run on lower settings + less memory usage.
  4. Thanks. Also, what if I overclocked my CPU? I'm not sure how to, but I know it helps
  5. GTA IV requires a good quad core CPU to run well. On an X3, I'd say it would run, maybe at 20-25 FPS on 1024X768 on mid to high since you don't have a powerful GPU. ( HD 5670 is an entry level card ).
  6. Gman450 said:

    Actually, that doesn't look too bad for a Radeon HD 5670. It would be nice if the poster listed his resolution.

    I would decrease the graphics quality to high or medium to improve performance. But that's just me.
  7. thanks guys for the answers, and by the way my power supply is 460watts, not 400watts. Also, what do u mean post my resolution? The one of my computer or the one in the game?
  8. well I'm getting the game tomorrow so I don't know yet. That's why I asked all this so I can know what to expect and not be disappointing by thinking I would get awesome results and then opening the game and it lags. basically I'd like to know ahead of time.

    Also, how do I overclock my cpu and will that help run the game better?
  9. im not buying it my friend is giving it to me cuz he doesnt play it anymore
  10. Here are the texture mods I was talking about. They make it a surreal experience.
  11. Playeradam321 said:
    Also, how do I overclock my cpu and will that help run the game better?

    Overclocking your CPU can help you get better FPS since the game is CPU dependent. But Overclocking is something you ought to do at your own risk ! To start off, you need to get a good cooler for your CPU. Never do overclocking on stock cooler.,2452-4.html

    You can google for guides for overclocking.
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