Best surround sound headset setup?

im looking for a new headset setup for not much more than $100-$130 max... so all astro setups can be omitted

currently i have an old 3 year old tritton ax360 headset which includes the surround sound processor that im quite certain is the same one that the new tritton ax pro uses... so buying a tritton ax pro headset seperately from the receiver, and using my old receiver is one option that shouldnt cost much

however, im kind of liking the idea of the simulated surround sound giving just as good pinpoint accuracy but with better sound quality due to just one speaker in each ear piece, and the utter simplicity of using any stereo headset with the processor should the main headset break.. thatll make future headset replacements rather painless

on that note.. i could get an ax720 or DX11 and be set for now, but i heard the ax720 has poor bass, however the ax720 does include an audio mixer in case a future replacement headset doesnt have one built in... however with a simple inline volume control attached between the headset and processor i can always decrease game volume that way so its not a big selling point

that being said i believe the DSS with the bass boost would make just about any cheaper stereo headset with atleast 40mm drivers sound pretty dang good, and from what i gathered of reviews of people doing this, it seems thats true

however, the DSS is nice, im not entirely sure how i like the idea of the "mic monitor" on the x11, future x12, and px21 headsets... seems like hearing my own voice when i talk into a headset would be annoying.. but i hear its instantaneous so you dont notice it anymore than your own voice when talking in person.. so im about 50/50 on that feature

so my options are

- the ax pro headset with my old receiver to save costs
- the ax720 package with a bright sound
- the DX11 or later DX12 with DSS
- or the DSS with an alternative headset (ill accept recommendations for an alternative, non turtle beach headset to use with the DSS)

for alternative headsets.. there are a huge variety here, and with a 3.5 to 2.5mm adapter, any analog PC headset will work with the DSS too.. i looked at sharktoons, plantronics gamecom 367 seems cool, creative fatality, ax120 from tritton with the DSS, razer carcharias...

so, what are your opinions on any of these, and which, if any non-turtle beach headset would go really well with the DSS processor?.. id like to hear some educated opinions and not people just simply saying one or the other is crap
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  1. You don't need simulated surround to pinpoint enemies, I do it just fine with a pair of sennheisers. I can't say much about your situation, it's just a wall of text for me. I doubt a sound card will make cheap headphones sound much better. Go with the first option to save costs or get an HD 555.
  2. I would go with the Wired Dolby 7.1 Turtle Beach headset the DX11. Very comfortable headset wit unbelievable sound clarity and response.

    Turtle Beach Review
  3. Gadgetgeek89 said:
    I would go with the Wired Dolby 7.1 Turtle Beach headset the DX11. Very comfortable headset wit unbelievable sound clarity and response.

    Turtle Beach Review

    I have had 7.1 set up for years now and I love it ....I always thought it was BS when people would turn around and shoot me in the face or blast me as i came around a corner. However like stated I bought a set of Turtle Beach's and it is INSANE how much more you actually hear. Turtle beach head sets are insane .....From $70 and up you cannot go wrong.
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