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Best 17' monitor for $300 or less

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
a b C Monitor
May 8, 2001 10:47:22 AM

I'm looking for a great 17inch monitor that has crisp/excellent text, fantastic image quality overall, high refresh rates, preferably small dot pitch, and flat screen would also be a plus. Anyone know of any excellent 17inch monitors that are easy on the eyes and don't induce headaches and that meet these qualifications? I'd be using it for video/graphic design and programs like CAD, etc. Thanks in advance!


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a b C Monitor
May 9, 2001 2:28:20 PM

I cannot recommend buying an NEC FE700+. It does have some minor geometry problems (impossible to get perfectly square screen and anything with a lot of straight horizontal and vertical lines to it looks a little funny at the corners).

But mine has even bigger problems. It can't remember its settings. I will leave the computer running, and come back and the screen will spontaneously moved to the right by an inch. Or when I change resolutions and come back, everything will be shifted.

Thinking the monitor was defective, I took it back, and like an idiot got another NEC FE700+ instead of another brand, and of course it does the exact same thing. NECs explanation is that the 2 monitors were probably of the same defective batch. Of course that could mean there are anywhere from 100 to 1,000,000 monitors like this. Buy at your own risk.

I'm pretty much stuck with the one I have now. But NEC tells me I can PAY 100 bucks to have my monitor shipped to be repaired, and as an added bonus, I get to have no monitor for almost a month! Good deal!
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a b C Monitor
May 28, 2001 3:53:22 PM

I just bought a Samsung 753DF. 17", flat screen, 0.20mm(H) dot pitch, and the images are very clear and crisp on it! It's a max. res of 1280x1024 though, so if you want to go beyond that you are out of luck.

I'd recommend it to anyone, it really is a great monitor, and the price is exceptional. Comes with a 3 year warranty from Samsung too.


a b C Monitor
June 2, 2001 10:07:29 PM

you can get a 19" Samsung SyncMaster 950p for less than 300 bucks (not including shipping). Awsome monitor, great for text, great for graphics, great all around!
(read my other posts for other info)
June 5, 2001 3:08:04 PM

I am looking for a cheap 17" myself. Is the Iiyama pro 410 good? How about the philips 107B?
a b C Monitor
June 5, 2001 5:17:57 PM

If you don't want my 19" Samsung monitor for the same price,
I think you'll be happy with the 17" ViewSonic G75f. It ranks number one on best 17" monitor and retails for about about $269. You can look at the top 10 17" monitors from over <A HREF=",aid,50183,pg,2,00...." target="_new">here</A>
I have never personnaly seen or used any of the monitors you mentioned, so I cannot commment on that.

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