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Athlon 64 notebook with DVI???

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Last response: in Mobile Computing
July 7, 2005 4:03:31 AM

I have been searching every notebook/laptop manufacturer I can find but just cann't find an Athlon 64 notebook with DVI... WHY?

I want a laptop but I want one I can use for 4 years or so, so I want 64 bit as a requirement (especially since I will be using linux).

Additionally, I REQUIRE DVI, mostly because I don't want to buy any more garbage VGA monitors, particularly when those 19" Dell LCDs look pretty good. <smiles>

So... any thoughts? I would like to keep it relatively inexpensive, but I can see spending around $1,500... I just can't find ANY though.

Why is this and why don't they get a clue and stick DVI on them? It is easy to get a DVI->VGA converter but it isn't worth it to convert the other way.

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July 7, 2005 6:42:25 PM

If your willing to spend a bit more, the Acer Ferrari 4000 has a DVI-D port and supports dual screens (laptop screen and standalone). It is powered by an ATI Radeon X700 PCI-E chip with 128MB dedicated RAM. Its worth checking out, priced at about $2200. Mine is on the way, so i'll post some more when it gets here!

July 8, 2005 12:09:57 AM

Any others? I had seen that but they didn't do too much to advertise DVI so I didn't think it had it...

Oh well... I mean it is just shocking that so few do Athlon 64 laptops when they benchmark incredibly well and are your only 64 bit choice... and to then not include DVI... it is baffeling.
July 8, 2005 12:46:32 AM

Besides... I also found this, which looks like it may be a better deal $/feature wise... I am just hoping that this isn't the only, or one of two, laptops that offer this... I mean why so few Athlon 64 laptops, and why does almost no one use DVI? It just doesn't make sense.