SETI problems

Sometimes it takes my computer 24hrs to complete 1 unit- other times it takes the damn thing under 7hrs. WTF? This problem just started recently. I'm running a 1Ghz t-bird with PC2100 memory. My computer doesn't go into sleep mode and I have no screen saver enabled. Anyone have any ideas?

-MP Jesse

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  1. Yes, different packets are different sizes. Seti sends you packes based on their needs

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  2. I experience that too. If you use SetiSpy, you can see the MFlops/sec go WAY down on some units. They actually tend to be the smaller units in terms of Teraflops. Near as I can figure it has something to do with the unit coming from a certain angle that allows the computer to chew on bigger chunks of data which fit poorly in the L2 cache and makes for a whole lot more main memory accesses which are much slower.

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