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I know you might not have any to sell that I'm looking for, but I would like to find a Mid-tower online somewhere, with a 300 watt powrsupply (at least), with room for DVD, Cd-rw, floppy, at least two hard drives, and a few spaces left open... anyone know where some good cases can be found?

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  1. I personally want the 6896. My friend has one, very nice.
  2. I like SuperPower cases, and they can be bought on Pricewatch.

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  3. If you're looking for a used one I might have one on Monday. Mid-tower with 300watt power supply. But you're probably loking for a new one.

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  4. how much? (american :)

    #Ranked <font color=blue>6 in US</font color=blue> 2v2 Cstrike# -Feb 7 OGL Ladder (well, it's one of the largest ladders)
  5. I bought it for $70 Canadian about 2 months ago, but I need a bigger case. So probably around $30. I will let you know if I buy a new case on the weekend (going to a computer show.)

    I don't hate Intel............ Do I?
  6. Go to:
    For the 292-3333 review, go here:
    I purchased one of their earlier cases, I have the Abit BP6 with 2 366's OC 572.11Mhz and this case is one of the reasons; it runs the system so cool. AMK will put any type or make power supply in the case you purchase from them at your request. Noise? Anytime you have several high caliber fans pumping air, you are going to have some noise, but it is not bad nor annoying. I have my case for going on 18 months now, no problems what so ever.
  7. I have been looking for a case for a few days After much surfing I found this one that I like, w/300 watt ps for $69.00 3/ 5.25 ext 2/ 3.5 ext 2/ 3.5 int AND it has USB / Mic/ Speaker-Headphone Jack on Front Ballsy case I think Check it out at
    I'm still looking just in case I find something even better but I think that one is the one for me. It also comes in Ivory if you like the tired old look
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