Final fantasy 14 cant run at max

i have a icore 7 2600k 2 6950s 2gig in crossfire 8gig of ddr 3 2133mhz ram 2 x 500gig sata 3 hardrives catalyst driver 11.8 beta i can run crysis 2 with teselantion and extra textures pack and get 35min frames 60 max vsync on about 55 avarge yet i cant run ffxiv at highest settings if i do it just crawls yet if i lower every thing to high not highest i get 60 all the time accpet when casting spells it drops again to about 20 frams for 1 sec then jumps back up quiet anoying
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  1. cheers buddy ill try that now and tell u how i go :)
  2. its unlikley that your system is the problem, probably more to do with the game. it may not support xfire.
  3. As Hexit said, this more likely has to do with the game , not supporting your PC. Have you tried disabling crossfire ? See if the problem still persists.
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