Last night I spent about nine hours getting my new system up and running. Here is the set up.
AMD Thunderbird 1400mhz 266fsb
MSI K7Master
Micron 256mb PC2100
400watt power supply
Hercules 3D Prophet 2 64mb Gforce Pro
SoundBlaster Live
Windows 2000

It did not take me very long to get the bios (1.1) set up and the OS installed, but the bios and OS would see the 1400mhz as a 1050mhz. I thought that it might be the 1.1 bios version, so I installed the 1.2b that someone recommended on this site. It did not solve the problem, but the new version gave me more multipliers to choose from, so I set the clock speed to 100, the multiplier to 14 and the bus speed to 33. The bios and OS would see the processor as the 1400mhz that it was; however, the system would become unstable with sudden frequent restarts. SO.... I went back into the bios and set the multiplier to 13, the clock speed to 100 and the bus speed to 33. Now, the bios and OS think I'm running a 1300mhz processor. So far everything seems to run great, but why can't I run the 1400mhz? I paid for a 1.4ghz processor and so it irks me to be running at 1.3ghz.
Does anyone have and suggestions or answers?
Is there someone else running a 1.4ghz on a K7Master?
The MSI sites give conflicting specifications, some said the board was compatible up to 1.2ghz, others say 1.333ghz and yet another MSI site said 1.4ghz. What will it handle?

Any help is greatly appreciated,

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  1. I don't know if this would do it for you, but try running CPU at 10.5X133 (= 1396.5). I think it's better to run at a higher FSB than at a higher multiplier, but then what do I know? I can't even get my system to work either (having problems with the floppy).


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  2. Need some help www.msihardware.com {Forums}

    K7-Master Ver. 1.1 Bios Ver 1.1
    T-Bird 1.2 266fsb retail box OC'ed to 1.4
    {cpu host/pci clock: 140/35}
    {cpu Vcore select: default}
    {cpu ratio: x10}
    Tai-Sol CGK760092 H/S
    Crucial 512mb PC2100 CL=2.5
    Unbuffered non-parity 8-8-8-3-7-2-3
    Asus V7700 32 DDR Geforce 2
    {Memory Clock 400}
    {Core Clock 210}
    {8500 3D Mark 2000}
    IBM 30GB 75GPX ATA/100 HD
    SB Ensoniq in slot 3
    56k Modem in slot 4
    50x cd-rom
    Enlight 7237 Mid Tower 350 PS w/ extra fan
    Win 98se
    Drivers Installed using newest downloads
    {VIA Atapi}
    {IRQ routing}
    {VIA INF}
    {AMD AGP mini port}
    Drivers off the CD
    {MSI nVidia Drivers}
    {DirectX 8}
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