PC Gamer looking for big, spacious desk! With no fancy stuff!

I spend a lot of time on computers, they are my livelyhood, I read articles, I'm connected to online encyclopedias and other dattabases. I program and do 3dart, minorly, on the side. I also game.

Problem is my computer desk is so small my speakers block up my 24" monitor, so I had to resort to putting them behind my monitor, muffling my $300 speakers (I got AmbX). I say enough is enough, and I am willing to spend up to roughly $150 on a solid desk.

I want a computer desk, with no drawers. No cabinets. No keyboard drawers, no CD rack, no mouse drawersanything ridiculous like that. I want a desk that is simplistic and big enough to contain a monitor, a keyboard, speakers, and a big mousepad. I want one that doesn't look like it came out of a donkeys you-know-what.

I am aiming at 4' wide, but could potentially go up to ~5'. Please list recommendations and/or links below, and thank you so much in advance!

Other thoughs: I have a full tower pc case and a sub woofer, as well as a medium-size leather computer chair.
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