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Im downloading maple story onto a windows vista laptop and for some reason when i go to access the internet (FF) it opens and just says "new tab" up at the top rather then my homepage, and when i go to a website i get either a "broken link" page or a page where i have to click "try again". the internet does work however i have to restart the browser, and even then it runs at a very very very sluggish pace.

When i click to pause it everything works perfectly no problems high speed internet, pages load incredible fast, and i get NO error screens of any kind.

And when im running it on the laptop my grandparents computer runs slow as well and when i pause it they both work just fine.

This also happened when i was downloading fiesta, but i removed that long ago.


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  1. Which version of FireFox do you use ? Have you tried re-installing the browser with all the cookies and other stuff erased or deleted. You can use ccleaner to do that. Have you checked your internet connection ?
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