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Hey guys, Just wondering what could be causing this problem. I was using MSI Afterburner (for ingame temp and such) and my GPU Usage when playing GTA IV was always at 0% other than when it was loading. So my FPS was only like 20. Why is this happening?


AMD Athlon 64 x2 5600+
XFX Radeon HD 5770 XXX Edition
2Gb Lexar DDR2 800Mhz
160Gb Hitachi Harddrive
Windows Vista SP2
500 Watt PSU
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  1. your card isnt really good enough to play the game also afterburner does seem to have issues with some games that require 4 cores. try uninstalling it and retrying it...
    also because your gfx are so weak you will want to patch the game just so you can have a playble frame rate at lowest settings. i think the latest patch is 1.7 but you will need 1.3 and 1.4 patches b4 you install that 1
  2. Hmm, I'm gonna have to agree with HEXiT. As you've probably noticed (having been around at Tom's for a while) that several gamers have issues with GTA4, and the explanations rendered by members. The game is poorly coded and requires a decent quad core coupled with a decent GPU.
  3. GTA IV is poorly coded. You need a decent setup to run this game nicely. You may want to try a few tweaks as well, just Google for them, just don't get messed up though. The MSI Afterburner showing your GPU usage to be 0%, might be a bug or glitch. Does it happen only with GTA IV or does it happen with other games as well ?
    I heard of many people having issues with patch as they have a little bit of an impact on draw distance. But since you have a HD 4350, I'm guessing you're already playing the game at the lowest possible settings.
  4. I have a 5770 Not a 4350 I forgot to update that awhile ago.
  5. In any ways, did you try re-installing MSI After burner ?
  6. I Just Reinstalled it and tried playing GTA it still says 0% usage unless the game is paused or if im in the first house (Crappy Apartment)

    And Sorry for that mix up with my specs, I though I listed them
  7. Does this happen with all games or just in GTA IV ?
  8. So far from what i've seen only GTA IV though I don't play to many other games

    Amnesia= 70-80 GPU Usage
    Morrowind (I Don't know but runs perfectly fine)
    Day of Defeat Source 70-85 GPU Usage
    Battlefield bad company 2 14% (CPU Heavy Game Correct?) Edited* Wtf why so Low?

    Anyways This Is Atleast the only game with a Major Issue with it as it is 0% and I see people complaining that their usage is only 66%.... anyways the only other game I know of that runs really bad for no reason is Company of Heroes But I've heard that game Hates. and doesn't support windows vista.

  9. I'd say this is a problem with the game. 0% means it's not even using the GPU. At what settings do you play the game ? The game is poorly coded as you know and is heavily CPU dependent.

    And yes, BFBC2 is CPU demanding ( only a bit though ).
  10. First of all yes , GTA IV is very poorly coded.
    You atleast need a Quad Core to Run it fine.
    Anyways try re-installing the game and maybe updating you drivers?
    Cuz 0% means your GTA isnt using ur Graphics Card and what is your average FPS?
  11. Okay, The settings I Play at (Tryed to) was 1280x1024 (Native res) at high settings. figured I could. but then changed it to very lowest. the wierd thing is when I'm in my apartment (first house in GTA) the usage goes up to about 30% and my FPS Skyrockets to 45 FPS (Compared to 12-20 with major stuttering) and as soon as I walk out that door it goes right back down to 0%. it's wierd.

    I understand its a very poorly coded game but before I actually beat the game on 1024x768 at low settings on that 4350 I had before I just wanted to F*** around a bit with mods.

    All my Drivers are the latest. And I will try reinstalling the game.
    Now I Only Had Patch Because I wanted to beable to use all the mods (Most mods are only
    I Wonder if the latest patch will help I've heard it lowers FPS even more though.

    Okay I Used MSI Afterburner on Battlefield bad company 2 and my GPU usage was stuck at 14%... Wtf is my GPU Broken or some *** I just want to be able to play games with this middle range card.

    Thank you.
  12. That FPS rate sounds a bit odd for a HD 5770, even if its GTA IV. You should be getting a biy more than 12-20 at intensive areas. Do you have any mods installed ? They might have corrupted the files in some way. You should try re-installing the game. Also, check that temps on that GPU.
  13. No mods installed and I did reinstall it. could it just be a bottleneck?
  14. Try turning shadows on low, i have 5770 and if i turn shadows to low i get 40-60 fps.

    Might be a bottle neck though for you as i have i5 2500.
  15. Mithness said:
    No mods installed and I did reinstall it. could it just be a bottleneck?

    12-20 FPS in intensive areas could be and most likely be your bottleneck on that Athlon X 2. I'm not sure of the MSI Afterburner issue though, sorry.
  16. Alright For my last resort I turned everything on low and or off and 800x600.... and still same problem I got like 20-30 this time though. so wow. Shouldn't I be getting well above 60 FPS at settings like that. Whatever thank you for your suggestion's but I'm just going to say F*** It to GTA 4,

    Like I Said Thank you
  17. First Of all patch the game to latest version.Turn the shadows off in the game setting. If you are using windows 7 then go to system properties-Advanced setting adjust it for best performance, Your desktop might look like a crap but it's good to increase performance.

    If your are having problems while driving or turning the mouse 180-360 degrees then for windows 7 go to system Start-up then go to Services and disable Windows Event Log and restart your PC and when you run the game ALt+TAb out to desktop go to task manager find"launchGTA4" in process right click on it and set priority to HIGH .
    Try this !!!
    You might get upto 30-35 fps
    I am doing this on ati radeon 4650 and it gives me around 30-32 fps
  18. I've been reading this kind of crap everywhere. Why does everyone say this game is badly coded? Do you guys even KNOW what that means? My PC runs this game perfectly with no problems or hick-ups. 55 frames per second all day long. Let me tell you this: YOU CAN'T PLAY THIS GAME WITH A PC THAT'S LESS POWERFUL THAN AN XBOX/PS3! Duh!
  19. Have you checked the temps on that card ?
  20. Temps yes they max out at 78C (in most games) I've never had to go above 80C and it idles at 57C or so. (Are those Temps alright, I've read places that temps up to 90C+ is alright).

    Thank you and And how is my system less powerful than a Xbox 360 or PS3? I Don't Quite understand where you get your logic from.

    My PC runs Fallout 3/NV On High at 720P and 4xAA with around 40-60FPS
    A Console Runs Fallout 3/NV On Medium (I Believe) at 720P with No AA and Only 30FPS.

    Consoles Only Run Better Because It's Easier to opimize for them and code better for a game. And your saying the coding for GTA 4 Isn't bad then why does Crysis (A Game I'd Say 5x Better Looking) Run Better than this? Why Does Just Cause 2 Run Maxed Out And 50+ FPS?

    Moving On
    I Will try your suggestion Archer Hopefully that works.

    P.S I'm Not Suppose to Come Across Rude Bigtrev85 if it seems I am
  21. @OP, you PC is much better than a XBOX 360 or a PS3. Bigtrev is just being a bit too rude. Your only drawback in this game is your CPU. Since the game is a bit too CPU dependent, I'd do what archer told you as well. Just don't put the priority to realtime as it can make your PC unstable. It didn't quite well do much for me though, but hey, that's just me.

    Also, those temps seems a bit hot. Idle temps aren't that bad. Maybe you can try and increase the fan speed of your heat sink by suing MSI Afterburner and re-check the tmeps.
  22. Sorry, didn't mean to come off as rude guys. I think both games run great on my rig. Maybe it's my configuration? I just always hear people saying bad things about GTA IV and don't understand why. Mine runs smooth and fast. I hear that unistalling Quicktime helps a heap-load with GTA but I've never had QT installed. Cheers.
  23. GTA IV is a great game, But they did poorly code it. And Thank you for everyone's suggestion. But I just don't think GTA 4 likes my computer So I uninstalled it and I'm done with it.

    I'd Like to say thank you again and thanks for trying. Theres other games out there.

  24. Let's all now wait for LA Noire, huh ?
    Also, didn't you try and increase your GPU's fan speed ? Or, applying thermal paste ?
  25. I Did increase the fan speed to 75% with MSI afterburner with no luck. and I'm sorry but I'm not a pro so I'm not messing around with the gpu, so I'm not taking my gpu's heatsink off.
  26. HEXiT said:
    your card isnt really good enough to play the game also afterburner does seem to have issues with some games that require 4 cores. try uninstalling it and retrying it...
    also because your gfx are so weak you will want to patch the game just so you can have a playble frame rate at lowest settings. i think the latest patch is 1.7 but you will need 1.3 and 1.4 patches b4 you install that 1

    That statement is false. A 5770 is more than powerful enough for highest settings. It's the processor that won't do it. The meter must not be working as if you are getting 20FPS you are doing well with an Athlon 64 X2.
  27. Uhhh but I figured I could play this game because I saw videos with the same processor (not even OC'd) and a gts250 and running 30-50FPS with a higher Resolution.

    I Don't know, he has 4gbs instead of my 2GB and probably a good Mobo.

    It doesn't really matter anyway. I uninstalled it and I'm done with it. Maybe sometime soon i'll get a new Mobo and Processor.
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