Administrator best for global s/w add/ remove

S/w like anti virus and spyware removal utilities that each user should run - should I install or remove any of these from the Administrators account instead of each seperate user account?
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  1. That didn't make much sense.. can you try to explain what you want to do or what you're asking a little better?
  2. I use adaware at work. If the spyware is to bad I'll just reimage the machine w/ ghost.
    For antivirus my site uses symantec AV corprate. All updates, virus scanning, and removal can be done server side.

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  3. Nah. Make an account and put it in the admin group and use that for your software maintenance. Use the administrator account for critical tasks.

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  4. I have some programs loaded on all users profiles such as my spyware product like spybot or the antivirus like AVG.

    If I wish to uninstall it , it seems that I ahve to go into each account and uninstall it as if i uninstall from just onne user it is stil present in the other users acount - so If I went into the Admin account would it uninstall it from all users ?? and therfore is it best to install products//programs like antivirus from the admin accont so that it is present in all users??

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