Resident Evil 5 Application Error 0xc00000ba

Hi Guys,, I've got a problem,,

I've installed re5 on my laptop with the specification :
Intel Core i3-380m
AMD Radeon HD 6370M
14" HD LCD
2GB DDR3 Memory
Win 7,,

But, when i'm going to play there's a message "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc00000ba)",,
How to fix this problem,, Thank you very much if you help me out to fix this problem,,
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  1. chances are its a corrupt registry. download a cleaner like ccleaner and run the registry cleaner till you have no errors then reboot and see if the game works.
  2. Also, you may try re-installing the game.
  3. I already have a ccleaner and perfect optimizer that really work with the registry cleaner,,
    But when i reboot, the game still not working,,
    There's an option window pop up, force me to choose DirectX 9(XP) or DirectX10(Vista) version of re5,,
    and mine are DirectX 11 Win7,, Whether I choose 9 or 10 the error still same and i'dont know what to do,,
  4. Did you try re-installing as I said ?
  5. Yes, i've re-install and it's still the same,,
    is something wrong with my registry or virus maybe?
  6. Does this happen with any other game ?
  7. Nope,, i've installed Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, SWAT4, etc,,
    And it's works well,, are my registry have crashed?
    Any Tips?
  8. Which version of Windows 7 do you have ? Also the bit-interface. Have you got the latest drivers for that video card ?
  9. Win7 Ultimate 32bit 6,1 Build 7600...
    BIOS : InsydeH2O Version V1.25,,
    AMD HD6370M,,
    How could i know the latest drivers that i have?
    I don't know much about computer,,

    You can go to and get the latest drivers if you don't have it.

    1. Right-click on the red ATI tray icon

    Where to click the ATI tray icon?? i couldn't find it,,
  12. I've download the AMD Catalyst that based on my notebook
    Here the software "catalyst_mobility_32-bit_util",,
    But in the end of installer,, it said that "AMD Catalyst cannot be downloaded due to incompatible hardware/software in your computer"
    "The version of your graphic adapter is not supported....."
  13. Just right click on CCC to open the sub menu.

    Did you downloaded the ones for the HD 6470M ? Try again. It could have been an error.
  14. But i couldn't find the CCC,, I know in the XP but in 7 when i right click in the dekstop the CCC doesn't show up,,
  15. That's strange. How about through 'search' in the start menu. You can get it that way. Just type in Catalyst Control Centre. It should come up.
  16. Not Found.. Is that something important for the game?? but my others game are work well,,
  17. Drivers are a must for a card.
    But you don't have catalyst installed ? But that would mean you can't play any of your games at all, but you are able.
    Also, from where did you buy the game ? It could be a bad copy.
  18. card? if you say a graphic card of course i have,,
    i don't know anything about catalyst,, you said that write Catalyst Control Center,, but the result was not showed up,,

    I said that i have another games that works well,, except RE5,, That's why i ask about the error,,
  19. Do you have a CD for the drivers for that graphics card ? Also, where did you buy it from ? The game I mean ?
  20. I have seen those kinds of messages when the integrated Graphics are not supported by the game.

    Laptops make me cringe.
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