Can this laptop play Assassin's Creed Brotherhood?

I'm going to buy a new laptop and i wanted to know if this laptop can play Assassin's creed Brotherhood.
The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite L755-S5214
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  1. Yes but with medium settings
  2. It says it has a i3 2310M CPU and a GMA3000. You can play it, but like at 8-10 FPS, even when everything is all at low.
  3. Gman450 my laptop(having hd graphics 3000) can play it all settings @medium @9-21 FPS
  4. At what resolution ? Is it the same laptop ?
    What do you mean by medium ? 3/6 and 2/5 etc on all settings ?
  5. you can play it at low configuration due to internal graphics
  6. No, anything under 25-30 fps is unplayable
  7. 25-30, unplayable ? No, it's playable alright even for ACB or AC2.
  8. Resolution 1024x768
    Setiing 2/5
    FPS:11-21(when antivirus is disabled)
  9. That sounds more like it. ^
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