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Half life 2 Error!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello I got a HL2 game it runs perfectly on my PC until it load the next level during gameplay it freezes with a memory error but this happens only in windows xp
In windows 7 it works but not as smooth as in windows xp even with 16-31 fps(according to FRAPS and HL2 default Frame counter).It looks like it is running with 4-10 FPS.Can any body help me PLEASE.

MY System SPEC:
Intel pentium Dual core @2.7 GHz
1GB Ram
GMA 3100 as a graphics chip
Even with all setttings low corresponding problems occur in both OS.I had check on other computers with GMA 3100 and 1 GB Ram running windows 7 and 1 with XP ,it runs perfectly with high settings with a average 15-29 FPS
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  1. have you tried re-installing the game ? Have you installed the patches for the game. Try using Virtual XP if the game isn't running well on Windows 7, or just try compatibility mode.
  2. What is Virtual XP?????????????????
    and can u give links for patches i had googled for it but everytime it shows results for mods
  3. I have Half life 2 version 1.0
  4. Just google for Virtual XP. Otherwise just use compatibilty.
  5. ^+1
    Windows 7 is a bit RAM hungry and 1GB is just bot enough. Mine uses about 700mbs so that may answer about your slowdowns in Windows 7 and not in XP. You should definitely add more RAM.
    You can use gamebooster as suggested by werner to close any of the background applications that may use up most of your RAM.
  6. I had used it but it does nothing except clearing ram cache memory I think System ram is sufficient to run HL2 because RAM usage remains @ 72-80% <100% while it remain running in background. In Windows XP it runs but always give a memory error in loading screen(which loads the next part of the level during game play).
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    I don't know about the issue that you face in Windows XP, but I'm pretty sure it's the problem you're facing in 7.

    As I had suggested earlier, have you tried using compatibility mode in Win7 ? Also, have installed the patch ?
  8. Gman 450 I had changed my pagefile size in XP (3048-7000) and it is working right now Thankyou very much for help.
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