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Hi all, I've had this problem for a while now and I can't seem to figure out a solution. I had been away from home for a while, a one week visit to family. My xbox 360 was packed in the back of the car. When I returned home and plugged in my Xbox 360, I couldn't connect to Xbox Live. I was struggling to find the problem, as the settings and network passwords were entered correctly. I even manually entered all the details to connect, but to no avail.

I deduced it was the fault of my wireless adapter, it now flashes green on and off. I have the black variant with dual antennae, to match the xbox 360 elite I own. It wouldn't connect to the network no matter what, yet my brother who runs off of the same network could access Xbox Live just fine on his xbox 360. I tried using my adapter in his xbox 360, and he still was able to connect to live. When I tried his adapter on my xbox 360 (white, with a single antennae) it was a solid red color and I still could not connect to LIVE. I suffered the same problems as the black adapter, but with the solid red light.

I'm confused as of what to do, so I turned to the forums to explain my problems. Does anyone know the solution to this? Any diagnosis on what the trouble most likely is would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. the adapters are not very good and cant go very far.Is your brothers xbox closer to the router than you?
  2. My brother's Xbox 360 is set up in the living room, which is where the family computer is set up, along with the Belkin router. I own a personal computer, with my Xbox 360 plugged in upstairs. So yes, his Xbox is way closer to the router than mine.

    I have never experienced these kinds of connection problems before with the wireless adapter, it has worked fine for me other than an occasional disconnection every so often. Now, the thing has just stopped connecting.
  3. When you were traveling did you leave the network adapter plugged into the back of your xbox? if so then it probably got jammed in there and may have broke that specific usb port.
  4. The adapters are not well made. I use my laptop as my wireless adapter. You just form a bridge using an ethernet cord from the laptop to the 360...change a few settings and you're good to go.
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