GA-7DXR will not shut-down or power on right ???


I have a strange problem. My Gigabyte GA-7DXR motherboard will not shut-down. When I hit shut-down it just restarts and I have to manually hold the power button to keep it off. It doesn't always do this but most of the time it does.

Another maybe related problem is that sometimes it will not power up. I'll hit the power (on) button and nothing will happen. I just keep trying and sometimes the reset button will turn it on. Very strange. Any ideas?


GA-7DXR mother board
1.4 thunderbird
512MB pc2400 ram
Asus v8200 GF3
ZIP Drive
Plextor 16/10/40 CD-RW
Adaptec Firewire card
USR 56k Modem
Sound Blaster Live Platnium sound card
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  1. It would appear to be either an BIOS setting or your O/S power managements setting.
    Another possible, is that your terminals are incorretly set!.

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  2. yeah, sounds like maybe the case to motherboard connectors for the power switch and the reset switch got mixed up during installation....

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  3. I thought he said it does it now and then!That would mean the terminal connectors are ok.I would try another p/s 1st up.
  4. erm have you tried msconfig/advanced tick in "disable fast shotdown" (assuming win98)

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  5. take it easy......just throwin out ideas here, amigo, not applying for the nobel award in science. having said that, though, his post pretty clearly indicates that this problem is pretty consistant, which to me indicates crossed connectors. i have seen this problem before and that was the issue.

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  6. UPDATE: I figured it out thanks to a post on

    It seems that I had a BIOS setting that set some PMV wake-up event enabled and disabling it fixed the problem completely. I wish I could remember exactly what it was...I'm at work now and can't think.

    email me if you have the same problema nd I'll let you know exactly what the event is.:

    Thanks for the suggestions,

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  7. I hate it when they figure out the problem before I get to put in my 2 cents worth!! I was gonna say check your BIOS setting for any PMV wake-up stuff and disable it.

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