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I am having a problem with Flight Simulator 2004. I have just completed a complete uninstall and reinstall of FS9 after installation of a new motherboard, 4-core processor, additional memory and a new video card. What happens is that after running the FS for about 7 or 8 minutes, the sim will lock up in whatever view I am in and I get a dialog box saying there is a problem in the fs9.exe file with a further note below this saying "R6025 - Pure Virtual Function Call." The sim remains locked and I have to ctrl-alt-del out of it. What is the cause of this problem, and how is it cured?
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  1. Odd, sounds like a C++ problem...


    Nothing you can do, as it looks like an application problem.
  2. gamerk316 said:
    Odd, sounds like a C++ problem...


    Nothing you can do, as it looks like an application problem.

    Thanks for writing back.

    I thought at first it was a problem with the new panel I downloaded and installed for a Boeing B377 Stratocruiser. I left from Honolulu IAP heading for Wake in one of those, and experienced the problem as noted. Next step was to see if it was the sim in general. Left from another airport in another aircraft INCONUS and had no problems. This morning, used the same (other) aircraft to depart from Honolulu IAP on the same route. The sim locked up with the other aircraft. This tells me it is a problem with the Honolulu scenery area in the program, and not the aircraft.

    Right now I am looking at finding the Honolulu scenery area on one of the disks and reinstalling it.
  3. Does this mean I've got to uninstall and reinstall FS9 again?
  4. I have this problem constantly when playing Gothic on steam. What happens with mine is that a couple of the files get corrupted when running for some reason. With steam, you can re download the files that corrupted though so I usually can go on after re downloading the corrupt files without any problems.

    Perhaps reinstall the game and then make the files (except saves) read-only could help?
  5. Yeah, see if re-installing helps. Also, clean your registry. Which OS are you using BTW ?
    You may have to get rid of any saves IF, just re-installing doesn't work.
  6. After checking on this problem at a flight simulator site, one of the visitors told me he had experienced an identical problem - he had left the airport and climbed to a certain altitude at a certain distance from his originating airport. When he reached this point he got the same error msg I did. This is an identical scenario to mine. This man said he had recently installed some add-on scenery in the same geographical area where the problem occurred; the add-on scenery had AFCADS (parking spaces for virtual and AI-controlled aircraft) plus AI aircraft flying assigned patterns within the scenery area. He went back to the scenery library in FS9 and disabled the scenery, then deleted it from the library plus deleted the files within the computer. Since doing so he has not experienced the problem. It appears what happens is a flight plan that crosses the add-on scenery's AI traffic plans, or is in the same area as the AFCADS within the scenery, competes with the sim for memory or other resources; it resents an outside object "muscling in" on its turf, and shuts down. I've deleted the scenery and AI aircraft, then went to a faster aircraft and flew through the same area at the same altitude (just so I could get to the CTD altitude faster) and nothing happened. Hopefully this has alleviated this problem.

    What is the best registry cleaner available right now? Freeware if possible. I am running CCleaner, Microsoft Security Essentials, Malwarebytes, and WinPatrol on the machine, which has Windows XP Pro SP3 as its OS.
  7. You've already got the good ones. Ccleaner I mean. And malwarebytes for malware removal.
    You've also got MSE, which is a good anti-virus program. :)
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