Fallout 3 freezez and auidoi still plays on windows 7

Hello, hi i "buyed" Fallout 3 i installad creaded a new game Fo3 Freezez and the audio keeps going!
Aser Aspire
Windows 7 amd hd 6 something
Inel core
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  1. by "buyed" do you mean you didnt? Also, going to need more hardware specs than the brand names. Things like amount of RAM, Gfx card are important. Also, fallout 3 is known to have that bug and has a number of "fixes" including editing a .ini file and inserting a line which allows it to properly utilise the number of cores you have...but without knowing what CPU you have we cant know how many cores it has.

    Try this forum for possible fixes though: http://www.sevenforums.com/gaming/20199-fallout-3-windows-7-w-quad-core.html
  2. I got it by a friend that spopped playing it!
  3. And i tried the ini thing it still freezes
  4. you have an acer computer. thats the problem. does it even have a dedicated video card? how much memory does it have? are your drivers updated to the latest.
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