HELP ME, I'm Screwed!

Hey guys,

ASUS A7V-E (was A7V w/o sound before it fried and got replaced)
45GB IBM Deskstar HD
256 MB Spectek Ram
ATI Radeon 64MB w/ VIVO
800 MHZ Thunderbird Athlon
Soundlbaster Live! Value
3Com 905 Ethernet Card
Plextor 12/10/32 CD Burner
"President's Choice" Floppy Drive (haha, i'm funny)
Golden Orb CPU Fan
BIG 300Watt Case

Didn't know who else to turn to. Here's cutting a long story short... My little brother borrowed my ram then put it back in upside-down (yes, you read that correctly). He fried the ram along with the mobo and left the ram slot slighlty melted and smelling funny along with the ram stick, which he then proceeded to put in my parent's computer to see if it still worked! The fact of the matter is.. my parent's computer is fine, mine is totally screwed.

I looked for other physical defects on my hardware but I couldn't find any. I replaced the mobo because my computer beeped when I started it up, even with new ram(placed in different slots of course). I had an A7V and now have an A7V-E. A7V-E=totally sucky

After I reformat the harddrive and install windows 98, my computer hangs all the time and I have to ALT-CTR DEL programs to get out. Sometimes this screws up the whole computer up. Sometimes when I boot into windows, my computer gets there, but then hangs and I have to reset my comp again.

1. I tried installing win2k and winxp on a second partition but I get stuck and my computer hangs at the 'saving settings' part near completion or I get a blue screen of death.
2. I've tried switching my power supply, hard drive, video card, and sound card with properly functioning ones from my roomates.
3. I've re-installed Win98 with only the mobo, hd, video card, and cd-rom hooked up.
4. I receded the ram

My only guess is that the cpu is screwed. Can anyone confirm this or is there still hope to salvage this machine? Thanks guys.

Suave -

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  1. If you're cpu was screwed you wouldn't even get as far as you did. Make sure the cpu fan is working.

    Also how was it possible to put ram the otherway it has nothecs to prevent this.
  2. The fan is definetly working, and yeah, it's possible, he just crammed the crap out of it. Besides, you can tell by where the burn marks are on the ram and the mobo that he put it in the wrong way.
  3. Is your brother paying for all the damage?
    Try the CPU in another machine.
  4. I can only assume your brother is still alive?.
    I would tend to think, that ANYTHING on the original system is suspect, a short or shock can and normally does go a long way and mostly through the CPU unless you are really lucky, afterall the M/B is designed to pass EVERYTHING through the CPU!.
    Try takeing everything out calmly, test what you can on another working PC, then throwing out all parts which give a hint of not working, start rebuilding your PC.
    It is the only way you are going to be sure that it will eliminate anything faulty.
    Also, try to get a larger P/S 400Watt would be good.

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  5. by any chance are you still using the old ram in your new mobo. also, dont start throwing things out just yet unless you are crazy wealthy. if you do, send then to me, please. things i would check: bad ram, poor power supply, irq conflicts, fsb settings too high, voltage too high, and excessive heat. good luck.

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  6. Quote:
    he just crammed the crap out of it

    Jeeze, he must have hit that thing with a hammer! You mean to say he cut right through the 2 notches? Incredible!

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
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