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i want to know how much power does a graphic card in xbx 360 has ..can anyone say a equivalent one to a pc graphic card...which delevers hi res gaming without lag xbx360 or pc..because if one has build a gaming pc he has invest more..but console is more cheaper..which is best for gaming xbox360 or pc
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    Xbox 360 uses an ATI Xenos card which is similar in hardware to a Radeon X1900 which is now seriously dated and would not run any modern PC games (but at the time the Xbox 360 was 1st produced was a very good card). PCs are massively better for gaming than the Xbox 360 but you need to upgrade it more frequently than new consoles come out in order to run the latest games.
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  3. isn't the xbox limited to 720p, in which case its only doing 1368x768, not really high res, std 22" is/was 1680/1050
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