NEED HELP Gigabyte GA7DXR + 1400 Mhz C class TBird

I am trying to build my dream system. I have the following parts:
AMD C class Thunderbird Athlon 133Mhz bus + 1400Mhz clock (10.5 multiplier x 133Mhz bus)
gigabyte GA7DXR mobo with promise RAID (AMD 761 Northbridge with VIA VT82C686B Southbridge)
Crucial 2 x 256 MB PC2100 CAS 2.5 ECC SDRAM
Guillemot Prophet DDR-DVI GeForce 32MB AGP4x
Twin IBM 75GXP harddrives (mirrored)
Using onboard CT5880 sound
Compex 10/100ATX PCI Ethernet
OS: Win98SE

Here is my problem:

When I set the motherboard Bus to 133Mhz the system POSTs fine @ 1400Mhz, but eventually locks during boot. I even got a divide by zero overflow error while trying to run the "format" command from DOS.
If I set the bus to 100Mhz the system runs fine @ 1050Mhz and does not lock up. I have adjested the memory timing to 3-3-3, but it does the same thing as a timing of 2-2-2.

Any suggestions?

Email me:


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  1. Goto and on the top left-hand corner, click on Diagnostic. On the next page, look for the program name AMIDIAG, click and download it. Boot your system in Dos and run this program. It will intall by default on the C: drive. Go to the installed location and run amidiag.exe. Test your system. If your cpu cannot run at it's rated speed, then its faulty. Any speed higher, its just you're luck.

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  4. Why would you build a system of that magnatude using gigabyte m/b and a DDR256 card? Just curious.
  5. i have the ga-7dxr mobo with a 1gig tbird and my system runs smooth as silk, no problems. the board is quite legit in terms of what is out there.

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