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CALL OF DUTY - Which is better to you?

Hey people! What's up?! Now that MW3 is on the horizon I'm pumped! I started playing MW2 again last night and couldn't be happier. Don't get me wrong here; Black Ops has been nice to me... but when I went back to MW2, it was a very nice change of pace. Black Ops is crazy fast and twitchy. On the other hand MW2 seems more laid back and not so frantic. So here's the big question! "Which Call Of Duty game is your favorite and which is your least-favorite?". And the second question! "What are your Pros vs Cons of the two?".
I look forward to reading all of your answers! Thanks guys and girls. :hello:
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  1. According to me If you want to improve your COD skills you must play COD MW2 Spec Ops while Black ops keeps u busy into an amazing story
  2. I have hated every one since COD 4. I got Black ops because my friend was playing it, im never buying another COD

    But thats just me :P
  3. I dunno. But infinity ward does a better job of multiplayer, but treyarch implements unbeatable storyline.
  4. Archer_25 said:
    Black ops amazing story

  5. I agree with Oozee, Black Ops's story wasn't a scratch on MW1 or 2. I remember 2 really disappointing me on the first play through but the second time I played it (around a year later) I thought it was great.

    MW 1 was the best in my opinion.
  6. I like BLOPS. I go 60 and 20 all the time. Its just full of carnage, mayhem and giggles. MW2 is cool too but like you said its slower, I often finish 20 and 15. Maybe because there are smaller teams but MW2 has more down time.
  7. lol I was about to type the exact same thing as Oozee. anyways,

    personally I think my favorates are MW2, World at War, and MW1.
    MW2 story was pretty cool, I mean.. mfw general shepard is a traitor..

    but I still liked BF2 more than all of them. just sayin
  8. Call of Duty Modern Warfare was my favorite. I haven't played MW2, but I heard it's a good game, but it's also too short. Black Ops was also a favorite of mine.
  9. I actually rather enjoyed Call of Duty 2... yes it is the overused WW2 scenario but I think they did a real good job at it
  10. there hasnt been a decent call of duty since 4 and b4 that 2...
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    Honestly?? I think BLOPS was really sad! Sory might have been tolerable, but the gameplay, graphics and overall experience was trash! I agree with one of the above posters that Infinity Ward does a better job. The MW series is much better than WaW and BLOPS. I played BLOPS the first time around and when I tried playing it the second time, just didn't happen.

    MW 1 and 2 on the other hand has much more replay value and I can run through them again and again. I guess that's why I'm counting on MW3 to do some damage control. Will definitely be buying it.
  12. I really wish there is more games that is less linear, and more flexible. its not really fun to just run down a narrow hallway and shoot people.
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  14. Thanks for all the replies! The funny thing is that I feel the same way you ALL do. It differs day by day! Hahaha! MW3.... you better be good!
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