Windows 8 - Getting my second Dell Monitor to work

Hi. I have a HP dv7-4260ca with switchable graphics. The graphics cards are the AMD 4200series and the AMD 6550M.

My problem is, the Dell monitor always mirrors what my laptop is showing. Even when I set my screens to extend, they are always the same. It worked fine in Windows 7. I did the upgrade install, but the problem was there, so then I did the clean install, wiping everything, but the problem was still there within a minute of booting into Windows.

Another thing is, my laptop thinks it is connected to three monitors, when it's actually only connected to two, the laptop screen, and the Dell monitor.
The monitors are as follows:
1. Other (my laptop screen, recommended resolution 1024*768)
2. Mobile PC Display (the ghost monitor that I can never see or remove)
3. Generic Non-PnP Monitor (My Dell monitor that mirrors my laptop no matter what)

Even when I set my Dell monitor to extend from my main laptop monitor, it still shows what my laptop shows. Here's a screenshot of the settings I used for that:

When I press Win+P and select PC Screen Only, both the laptop and the monitor are blank.
When I press Win+P and select Duplicate, the monitor mirrors the laptop, and my mouse can move off to the right of the screen, as if there were another monitor there. These are the settings that selecting duplicate sets:
When I press Win+P and select Extend, the monitor mirrors the laptop, and my mouse can move off to the LEFT of the screen. These are the settings that selecting extend sets: Also, notice that the default resolution is 1024*768, when it should be 1600*900
When I press Win+P and select Second Screen Only, I get the best experience out of all the choices. Once again, the monitor mirrors the laptop, but my mouse can't move off the screen, which is good. Also, the resolution defaults to 1600*900. Here's a screenshot again:

OK so the drivers I have are the latest beta I believe... this is the device manager's driver tab:

And the file I most recently installed for drivers is this: 12-10_mobility_vista_win7_win8_64_dd_ccc_whql_net4.exe

Let's just stick this here.... Device Manager Window:

When I started up Windows 8 for the very first time and went to the desktop, everything was working as it should; the monitors weren't mirrored. But then, after a few seconds of my doing nothing, the screen started flashing and it came to this. Ever since then, I have been trying to get this to work. I think what caused it to go to *** in the first place is the Ghost monitor. When it was working, there were only two monitors in the screen resolution window, but then as the screen started flashing, the ghost showed up. I have tried disabling and uninstalling the Generic PnP Monitor drivers, but that was to no avail.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, and if I left out some info please ask, since I really would like to get my monitor working.

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  1. I wish I had an answer but I'm having the exact same problems after installing Windows 8 - exactly. But my laptop is a Lenovo T500, and I've tried multiple external monitors.
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