Counter strike source ping problem

Every server I join my games aren't even playable its just way to laggy I just upgraded my system yesterday with new board,graphics card,cpu and ram I know there's no virus's or spyware I checked my internet speed it says 54.0mps not sure if thats good or bad is there any way to improve this performance I have it wireless my router is downstairs

I get like 180 to 200 and 400 and even higher it sucks

Current system specs - i5 2500k , 560 ti , ddr3 4gb ram
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  1. 54 mbps ? Are you sure ? You've got a good speed, so you aren't supposed to have PINGS that high. Does this happen only with CS ? Any other MP game ?
  2. go to these websites and test (not in the same time) and post the results plz
  3. Your system specs are the same as mine and super-overkill for SOURCE :P so i think we can certainly say the problems lies within your connection rather than the graphics card showing a slow frame rate.

    Make sure you dont have any downloads running at the time, make sure theres no torrents downloading or uploading (this can be a real bandwidth killer).

    Secondly, 54mbps sounds like your using wireless? If thats the case does your home network have a password? It could be that someone else is using your internet connection. Is there enough connection bars (strong connection)? If your too far away from your router this could hinder performance.

    Finally, have you tried different servers? Do you get the same high ping on every server you try?
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