Win 2K stuck in reboot loop!

My Win 2K operating system is currently stuck in reboot loop. How do I stop this?

I can start the system under "Safe Mode" alright, but every time I attempt to start the system in "Normal Mode", it gets as far as the desk-top view (where it is showing my desk-top and still in progress of loading my quick launch icons) then goes into a restart. It seems to occur at the same spot each time. Can someone tell me how I can stop this from happening?
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  1. Check for a virus.. disable all your start up items in safe mode and try booting Normal.
    Start - Run - Msconfig - startup tab - disable all.

    Restart in normal mode. If it still reboots, you have bigger issues. If it boots into windows and runs, something in your start up is causing your computer to reboot.

    Post back after you try that and let us know what you have..

  2. First of all...I had to copy the "msconfig" application file from my Windows XP Professional operating system (running on my other computer) then paste it into the "C" drive of the Windows 2000 machine to accomplish this procedure because Windows 2000 doesn't have the "msconfig" file application in its system. However, once I did this I could perform the suggestion you proposed to allow me to isolate the problem. This did not work. Even with all items un-checked in the "Startup" box, the system still went into reboot. Thanks for the suggestion though. It was worth the attempt.
  3. Sounds like your event viewer logs are full. Boot into safe mode and open the manage mmc or goto event viewer from Start>All Programs>Administrative Tools>Event Viewer. Right click on each of the subs (application/security/system) and click properties. Set your maximum log size (two megs per is plenty) and check the "overwrite events as needed" option.

    If this option is not set, your pc will fail to continue to load upon login, due to event log not being able to log events.

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  4. Dude, for the time you spent looking for the solution, I would reinstall da thing withing an hour or so and forget about all the head jams it was giving me. Just a kind reminder on MS problem solving.

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
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