Dual Boot or Virtual PC??

New Dell Studio XPS was ordered with Win 7 Pro because I was told it was easy and 'so much better'.....Not! Like OldBroad, I come from the keypunch era and this will be the last computer I buy and probably won't see the next 'best' OS Microsoft comes up with.
So, my question is dual boot or Virtual PC..which is easier and safer? Got expensive software to create websites and most of 'em won't work with 7....gotta solve this problem soon or will lose a client or two because i can't get their updates done! Thanks
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  1. i'd go virtual
  2. 13thmonkey said:
    i'd go virtual

    If I go virtual, is it possible to allocate most of my hard drive to the XP os? got a 1T hard drive, so there's plenty of room.
  3. I don't believe that you 'allocate' space, there'd be an image which is what it load, but it uses the same space as the non virtual machine?, other than that you can allocate what you want.

    Which programs are not working in win 7? have you tried running them in compatability modes?
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