An idea to considered.

I want to know what is the best handhelp gaming system...
1: Do you like the handheld consoles out today?
2: Do you want to see a PC handhelp gaming console?
3: Whats the best handheld game?
4: Whats the best handheld system?
5: Whats the best PC game?
4: Do you like the tablet games?
5: whats the best tablet game?

Im looking foward to seeing replies soon to help me. I like the idea NVIDIA is doing that project denver thing so maybe we'll see a new breed of handheld gaming systems. I hope to see a transformer style gaming system with bamboo touchpad and all. Please have fun answering. Talk to you soon.
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  1. 1 no
    2 only if it streams my desktop games to device
    3 zelda
    4 itouch
    5 witcher 1+2, battlefield 3, skyrim idk, too many good ones
    4 no
    5 gameloft ones probly
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