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I just read the Diablo 3 will require an online connection to even play single player. I've played through both of the Diablo and the expansions games and I've never played either online. I know it sounds crazy but I've never played any Blizzard game online, not Diablo nor Starcraft either. I've always been content to play both games off-line and not just once through and put it down but I've played through all those titles numerous times. They claim it's not DRM but what the hell else could it be. Remember how Assassin's Creed became unplayable when UB-Idiot's DRM authentication servers would go down and the only people playing the game were pirates. Is that what we have to look forward to with Diablo 3? At the same time they are talking about the possibility of doing a console port later on. I bet the consoles won't have that restriction.
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  1. They won't make a console port but yes you have to stay connected to the internet. It sucks but we will have to make do. But one other thing, how have you never played Diablo online. It is such a better experience than playing it SP especially when you have a friend playing it with you. Me and my friends had a couple nights where we would just play the *** out of that game. Those were the good ol days lol.
  2. In 1994 I didn't have an internet connection. In those days AOL was just about all there was. I didn't have internet until 1996 when quake came out and that was a dial-up connection, first with a 33.6k modem then I upgraded to a 56k card. I would get the 30 day AOL trial disk and after 30 days get another one. I never saw a ping under 100 until cable modems came out. I still hear the haunting sounds a dial-up would make upon connecting . eeee-eerrrrr, click,click click,eeerrr.
    Up until 1996 it was all consoles for me. Quake made me go out and buy my first PC. I didn't play the first Diablo until 1996. Good titles were few and far between in those days.
  3. Damnit now I feel like playing Diablo and Quake now.
  4. I played on a Compaq with a 166mhz processor, 32k ram and something like a 256mb HDD.
  5. If you buy the game, there is nothing wrong with downloading a hack to make it playable offline...

    If its that big of a deal for you.
  6. sounds interesting
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