Simple question; simple answer (doubt it)?

OK. Let me start off by saying that the only upgrading I have ever done to my computer is add more RAM and a burner. Aside from that I have never touched anything else inside which leaves me, you guessed it, clueless.

So with all that out of the way.

My specs:

700 mHz Athlon Classic
FIC SD11 mobo
VisionTek GeForce 3

Now my problem. I want to upgrade my processor but learned that I have one of the worst mobos around and that 1 gHz is my limit. So this leaves me with a big problem. I need to buy a motherboard but have no idea what are good ones, etc. etc.

Let me tell you that I use this computer for basic web development stuff and some gaming (Tribes 2). I usually when buying a new system buy at about 300 mHz below the max that is out because I seem to get the most time for my money before an upgrade is necessary.

So if anybody could reply with suggestions for what I should do/buy I would REALLY appreciate it. I would like to keep my SDRAM if possible but really I am up for any suggestions at all because I don't have a clue, lol.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. If your looking to keep your SD-RAM look at a Asus A7A266. I have one on order for myself.

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  2. I picked up an A7A myself, specifically so I could keep my SDRAM. I'm running a 1.2gig 266fsb T-bird on it. Eventually, I'll upgrade to DDR ram.

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  3. Id go with the 1.2 T/B and an Asus A7V133.The 1.2 cpus are very cheap at the moment (even cheaper than the 1gig where i buy from) and will give you lots of clout compared to your classic!
  4. Get an Iwill KK266 (raid is optional). Comes with 4.1 surround sound. Excellent overclocking ability and very stable. If you have good RAM, you could raise the FSB to 150mhz without a problem and have great performance.

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  5. I would go with the A7A that is what I have with the 1.2 t-bird and it is awsome. This way you can use your sdram now then later upgrade to ddr if you don't do that from the get go.

    Just think when the price comes down and all the bugs are worked out it will be obsolete!
  6. The only question you have to answer is if you want to keep your SDRAM or go with DDR if you want to keep your SD then go with an A7A if your willing to go with DDR then it's a A7M all the way. But if you choose a A7A you wont be dissapointed I have one and I love it.
  7. OR you can pick up an ASUS A7N266 in october,then you can
    use any type of memmory on that board.(at the same time)

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  8. Is that for real? Was just tinking wouldnt that be good!

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  9. memory is so cheap right now, it shouldn't be that much of a factor. Go for the best performance, with DDR only a couple of bucks more than SDRAM, you should grab some now anyway just in case it goes up later.
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