Most demandinbg game or ap.

I just bought a G74SX-BBK7, just wondering if it can handle every game out there, and what is the most demanding.
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  1. should play every game out there--though not necessarily on the highest settings--try crysis or metro 2033 as far as i know they are still amongst the most demanding games graphically
  2. Thank u, i will try them out! hey i have alot of questions wondering if this is correct ave to ask them in? all are pertaing to pc issues but dont want to break any rules orget kicked off tis is te first timeiverecieveda responce from anyone when i ask quetions on any form, dont know etiquette pretty new at computering.
  3. you are welcome

    cant find the link to the forum rules for some reason

    but heres a few tips

    dont ask for help cracking -hacking--or password removal--not allowed

    dont post all in capitals--considered shouting

    dont double post the same question

    try to give as much information as possible--for example--my pc wont turn on doesnt give much to start with--my pc wont turn on and is making 3 beeps then a pause then 3 more beeps would be more helpfull

    try to post in the correct section--though usually a moderator will move it to the correct section

    if some one gives you an answer that solves your problem please use the best answer button as the forum uses a points system

    no doubt some one will post a link to the full rules

    this is an excellent forum and i am sure your other questions will be answered
  4. mcnumpty23 said:
    should play every game out there--though not necessarily on the highest settings--try crysis or metro 2033 as far as i know they are still amongst the most demanding games graphically

    thanks for answering first time anyone has aswered any question ive asked ona form. Sorry if im responding incorrectly like i said im new to all of this. I bought the g74sx after i messed up my g72gx or it is a g73gx cant rember any ways I bought them to play game on and first game I bought was mafia 2 and i could not get it to play correctly the best i could do was get it to play for about 8mins then it would go into slow motion and controls would be very slow at reponding, I tried everything i could wtched every video i could find and went threw every thingni could do that steam has on it help link wit no fix. Thanks again and would love to hear a reply back. P.S sorry spelling is o bad.
  5. if your game slowed down after 8 minutes then it could be because an antivirus scan started in the background--if your antivirus has a gaming mode turn it on before playing

    or the laptop could be overheating and slowing itself down--that must get warm with such powerfull graphics card in it so try to use it on a hard surface that allows clear airflow--not on your lap or a duvet or similar
  6. Ok thanks for the rule"s up date ill be looking for link im very happy and excited finnaly found site to get answers im going towait to read rules before i submit anymore questions, dont want to rune first good helping site ive found
  7. ok--good luck and welcome to the forum
  8. I learned about Antivrus Programs I am using trend titanuim and not only did i put the gae and steam on the list i also uninstalled it then turned off windows definder also.
    QA? what i a normal amount of prosses and servce tat shoud be running when im playing games? when i first learned about task manager i was running about 100 bow im running around 50 after turnning every thing off. about over heating this may be a issue but usaly i have it on a desk. i plug it into a samsung 40"flat screen wich brings up a new issue I move around alot for my job o depending the lenth of stay i hook up pc to flat screen usinghdmi cord and ifim going to be in same spot for a min i hook up a logitec x-540 to back of tv but i was messing with something and now i can not get sound from hdmi cable.I believe it is a driver thati missing there was a time i uninstalled alot ofdrivers thinking that was root offirst problem. i also dont get sound out of my new laptop ether.
  9. not too sure about audio over hdmi as have never tried it but i believe its down to the nvidia driver--when i install my graphics driver i also tick the box that says install nvidia update it then lets me know if more drivers are available

    try reinstalling the graphics driver and install nvidia update software
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