Help. GTX 460 SE 1GB vs GTX 560 Ti 1GB

So.. I am having a gaming PC built.. They have ordered the 460 while using my 550w psu. I have been researching benchmarks since and noticed the 460 seems to be low on the benchmarks. It seems like a decent card with the current games out but I want to make sure I can comfortably play the newer games coming out with high graphics ( BF3, D3, GW2, etc) I noticed the 560 Ti seems like it will be able to keep me running smooth in these newer games where the 460 might struggle. I have done the research and it would cost me 190$ more off newegg to upgrade to the 560 Ti and a modular/certified 700w psu.

My question to you is should I spend the extra 190$ and make the upgrade or hypothetically speaking, will the 460 SE 1gb be plenty for me in the near future?

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  1. It's impossible to future proof a computer but the 560 Ti has excellent overclocking capabilities and will hold you over for awhile longer than the 460 will. Unless you are going to SLI just keep the 550w PSU as that will be enough to power the 560 Ti. I can overclock my MSI 560 Ti Twin Frozr II up to 955mhz core clock with a 2149 memory clock. This allows me to play any game on Max settings(no graphics mods) without dropping below 45fps and usually staying at 60fps.
  2. I'm hoping you guys are right on the 550w psu because the guy is going to hound me for not upgrading for the card and all I'm gonna have and believe is what you guys have told me by staying with the 550w for the 560ti.

    Another question.. Should I go with the twin frozr 2 560ti for the second fan or the EVGA for general quality. I noticed a lot of people were having issues with the frozr whereas people were generally accepting and loving their EVGA model.. My nzxt case has a like 4 fans already.. Thanks.
  3. Double thread, stick to the one please.
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