Need for speed world system spec

Hi. Wanting to run nfsw on best settings I got myself a system I thought would be more than adequate but it still stutters on high settings. More than slightly disapointed!

Please could someone tell me what needs to be better to get to run just right!

i5 760 2.8GHz
4gb ram
5770 ATI
Gigabyte GA-P55-USB3
running win7 pro 64 bit to get use of all 4gb and a 1920x1200 screen
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  1. Have you got any background processes running ?
    Have you updated/patched the game ?
    Does this happen with any other game or only this one ?

    Your system is enough to play the game on the highest settings even at 1080p. :)
  2. Hi Gman

    Thanks for replying.

    Good to know it ought to work perfectly. I thought so!

    I tried stopping all the other non-essential processes. I did a fresh install of w7 to make sure everything is clean.

    I haven't updated or patched the game, I did a fresh install on the fresh w7 so everything is just as put out by EA.

    I don't play other games so I can't compare.

    The only bit of the system not top spec is an old IDE drive I'm using just to try everying out on the new system before I move my big sata hdd over from the old system, but I would not have thought that would be the problem. It's 40 gb so it's not ancient, presumably 5400 rpm.
  3. A 5400RPM HDD tends to run slower than a normal 7200RPM HDD. You should put the big sata HDD from your old system to your new one, so I'm pretty much sure that this is a problem with your slow HDD. After putting in the new one, I'm guessing it would run as it should. :)

    Also, do try and install the patches for the game.
  4. Hi

    Thanks for the suggestions gman, but none of this helps.

    I finally got around to putting in the newer hdd, and there is virtually no improvement. It stutters slighly on medium, and it's not playable on high. When I go for the richer texture downoad, I have to go down to low quality so the stuttering does not give me a headache.

    I'm making sure to close down all the background processes not to do with the game or the video card.

    I looked around and could not find any patches for the game. I scrubbed the system and downloaded a fresh version of the game.

    Very frustrated and disapointed. I would greatly appreciate any help towards getting it running right.
  5. Since you haven't played any other game on your rig, I'd suggest you do that. Before that, check the temperatures on your GPU using this -

    Then give back results.
  6. Hi Gman

    Thanks for the reply

    It's running at 62 so I'm guessing no problem there. I turned on the boost feature in catalyst which put the clock up to 880, but still no improvement in the game.

    What other game should I try? Is there something I can download which will put the system through its paces.
  7. 62 C on idle or while gaming ? What about CPU ?
    You should try defragging your HDD and run ccleaner to clean your registry.
  8. Hi

    50 on idle, 62 gaming.

    It is a new install, with formated hdd.
  9. triplemaya said:
    What other game should I try?.

    Any of the new games will do. It's just to see if the problems is there within every game. Try another freeware game.

    What about the temps on CPU ?
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