Lost BIOS password. Help!

Lost bios password on Sony Vaio 505sx. I thot u could disconnect bios batt to clear password. I found what I thot was bios batt on top of inside of PCMCIA slot upon disassembly of 505. It connected to motherboard via 2 small red & black wires and tiny 2 pronged plug. I unplugged and re-plugged. After re-assem & restart, password still there. Any help would be apreciated-Scot
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  1. There are two ways to do this usually and you almost got one of them right I believe. The battery removal trick does work, but you probably want to leave the battery out for at least half an hour. It takes a while for the system to use the residual power.

    The other way that is available on most motherboards (sorry don't know about Sonys) is that they have a CMOS reset jumper. With those you simple move a jumper over two pins, restart the computer (which clears the CMOS), shut off the computer, take off the jumper, and reboot like normal. If your system supports such a thing, it is probably listed somewhere in your motherboard manual.

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  2. There is a BIOS detecting software that can tell you the password, I think maybe it was Teakfiles that had it.

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