HELP! A7V can't enter BIOS

Unfortunately I've been a bit to eager on speed and set the memory to 7ns (2-2-2), now the PC doesn't boot anymore, so I can't enter the BIOS to set it back again. Don't even get anything on the monitor. How can I reset the BIOS?
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  1. i dont believe the a7v has a jumper to use to reset the bios (really need to change that ASUS) but if you remove the battery for a few minutes it should accomplish the same thing as resetting to the default BIOS. check your manual to be sure there isnt a jumper to reset, though, to be sure.

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  2. Set it back to <b>JumperFree mode</b> and turn on your computer. It will boot to <font color=red>Safe mode</font color=red> (You might have to do it a few times for it boot).
    There is a note on its manual (page 62) about this problem.

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  3. There is not jumper to reset, but I think there are 2 solder points that you have to short to get it to reset. I couldnt get it to do it. i just removes the ram, put p100 back in booted set it back and put 133 back in
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