How can I get a job

Hello,How can I get a job in game company and to play video games is mie hobbie and my Aim.
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  1. generally..
    playing the video game requires you to have exceptional hunt and seek capabilities.
    you might offer yourself to a game company, but it is (and should be) easier to get included because of a recommendation.

    a lot easier on the PC game community than the console community.
    console game developers are never public anyways.
    you MIGHT get lucky to read about a game developer that is making a video game to be released on the PC and game consoles.
    chances are..
    they are already moving at a fast pace and dont need your help.

    i think actually playing the game can be the toughest request.
    because if you are typing away at a keyboard to punch in the game code..
    you are going to enjoy the break when you sit back from the engine a little bit and actually get in the map and play the game you are creating.

    sometimes this can lead to motivation running out of gas, where you have been testing the game for such a long time.. you have lost interest to touch the game some more.
    and that might be one reason why more game testers are hired.
    it is generally better to enjoy the game yourself as you are testing it.
    you could then change some things to make it better.
    add some things to make it better.

    i believe it is very difficult for a person to control a house from 1,000 miles away.
    when the person isnt there every second of every day.. they have no idea what is going on in the house.
    picture this..
    there is a chair in the living room and it has a stool that goes with it.
    your children are playing in the living room everyday and they keep bumping into the cushion because it is taking up too much room.

    if you own the house (and are the father or mother)
    you could get on webcam and say things like 'okay go pay the electric bill.. and check to make sure the gutters are draining the water far away from the house'
    because you are not there..
    you didnt know anything at all about moving (or selling) the cushion that goes to the chair.
    that means you didnt become a very good parent, and you could have made life a lot easier but you didnt.

    you werent there to watch the energy level of the children to know if they need protein or potassium or some vitamin D or C.
    when you are not there to see their little batteries go dead.. you dont know what needs to be recharged.

    so when you are testing a video game.. you might not know what needs to be changed to fix the problem.
    and you might not be allowed to play because the game creator wants to be there.

    there was a trial thing going on back a few years ago called 'combat training' or something like that.
    they were allowing people to 'beta test' video games and new video game patches.
    it was a volunteer service that was horribly managed.
    they offered a forum where you could get together and discuss what was going to get tested.. what time everybody should get together.. and a place to report any bugs.

    it looked to me like everything was there except for the responsibility and organizational skills of the people running the place.
    i dont know what else to call it.. except maybe a severe lack of judgement.
    this was going on back when the battlefield 2142 patch was being tested.

    maybe you could try there.
    maybe you could try the forums where game developers are supposed to get together.
    doesnt look like much activity though.

    and besides..
    the consoles have protections in place where you cannot simply throw in a disc and play a video game unless the game has been officially released with the password for the optical drive.. no?

    i could totally imagine a person trying to develop a video game for a console and sending you a disc that wont play because the game wont load.
    without the optical drive password.. you and the game developers are stuck using the PC until it is time to have the game ported (or if the game is programmed using proprietary software that emulates the console hardware).

    because either each manufacturer ports the game for you based on regular C , C++ , C# code.
    the game gets programmed using the proprietary software that emulates the game console.

    if you are using the software that emulate the game console, you better make sure your computer runs about the same as the console does.
    if your computer emulation runs at 60fps
    the actual console runs the game at 45fps
    you are seriously going to have problems trying to run the game on all of those 60hz and 120hz televisions.
    could be tearing of the screen that is seen as an embarassment.
    could be the need to use v-sync that ruins the input response time.

    so maybe you should be asking around if it is even possible to play an alpha or beta version on the console without first printing a 'retail copy' of the disc.
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