Backup BIOS error for A7V

On my new computer I mounted m.b. A7V with Windows ME operating system; I am very happy with this mb : I think it is a very good m.b.

I encountered only this problem:
I was not able to backup on floppy disk the BIOS with utility AFLASH with BIOS 1007.
With O.S. Windows ME it's impossible to create a startup floppy disk with DOS command FORMAT a:\S as usggested; the only way is to create a startup disk using the function available with ME; on this floppy I copied utility AFLASH.
I try to use this floppy: I reboot the PC and I ask for a minimum size startup; I run AFLASH and I selected option 1 for backup BIOS: during the copy of the BIOS AFLASH prompted message : DISK WRITE ERROR and the copy is not completed;
I take another test removing from the floppy disk the files autoexec.bat and config.sys : the problem is still present.
The free space on the floppy was 100 Kbytes.

Please help me resolving this problem.
I escuse for my bad english, thank you very much
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  1. Copy the files: (c:)
    IO.sys (c:)
    Msdos.sys (c:)

    This should be adequate for a boot disk. If you want you may want to add the files:

    Autoexec.bat (c:)
    Config.sys (c:)
    Fdisk (c:Windows/command)

    The winzip file called EBD might be useful for CD-ROM support but it is quite large.


    P.S. Make sure you have a good back-up of your system files and make sure you back-up your BIOS when given the option.

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  2. as far as my experience goes a bios file could be 256k in size. 100k free space on your flop is not enough.
    Also Asus got an internet-liveupdate for bios in your mobo using windows-ME i believe. check out thier site for more details.
    You should be able to use startupdisk from win 98 or 98se also. maybe one of your friends could make you one.
  3. Create your startup disk by WinME and <b>delete all files <font color=red>except</font color=red> <font color=blue>COMMAND.COM, IO.SYS</font color=blue> and <font color=blue>MSDOS.SYS</font color=blue></b>. It will boot to DOS for flashing your BIOS and should have enough space for backing up your old BIOS.

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