Can this run sc2 smoothly on med+?

i am looking into a sony vaio laptop for school ect, but hoping to use it for some light gaming aswell, nothing serious.

i would preferable have a vaio around 500 dollars give or take.

i am open to other computers, but it must be a laptop.

so, can this run starcraft 2 on medium or higher settings?
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  1. It should be playable, but the E-350 is something of a weak CPU. Try googling for some benchmarks, I'm pretty sure most tech sites reviewed that CPU and SC2 may have been one of the tests.
  2. thanks, i knew it was a pretty bad computer to start of with but it is mostly for school :D.

    i guess il look into something with an i3 then.
  3. the cpu doesnt meet minimum requirments... the 350 is a poor cpu by any standard even as far as laptops go. @1.6ghz it really is only fast enough to play video.
    if you want to play games look at the intel i3 based lappys.
  4. You can play it on low

    This game is very CPU intensive some games run better on this than the i3, if your gaming on a laptop you really want a dedicated graphics card.
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