Halo 2 windows 7 ? help ?

Does anyone have success in running halo 2 (vista only apparently) on windows 7 ?

I bought a gaming laptop last week and will not run i keep getting an error stating appcrash halo2.exe ?!

I have even tried to run it in compatibility mode ( ie run as vista ) but nothing get the same error.

Laptop spec :

XPS L702x
17.3in HD+ WLED True-Life (1600x900)
2nd gen Intel Core i7-2630QM processor 2.00 GHz with Turbo Boost upto 2.90 GHz
6GB (1X4GB + 1X2GB) 1333MHz DDR3 Dual Channel
3GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M Graphics Card
1TB (2x500GB) Serial ATA (7200RPM) Dual HDD

Peformance index score 5.9

Any advise or assistance is greatly appreciatted.

apologies in advance if this problem has been answered previously

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  1. where did you obtain the copy?
  2. Hi Foverosiv I bought an original sealed copy from amazon (£9)

    I can install and activate but not play !!? sooo frustrating.... who would of thought windows vista games would'nt work with the next version of windows !!! ( seems perfectly logical to me - backward compatibility n all that lol !)

    First pc i have had in 7yrs as fancied a gaming laptop, after being a macbook pro owner for 8yrs+ now (mac = hassle free :))
  3. but did you do the step I asked you to take
  4. I havent had a step from you to take ?
  5. sorry, was thinking about another post :/
    try to disable desktop composition & visual theme on the compatibility thing
    and run as administrator if you havn't done it already.
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