What do u guys recognise about this Xbox Controller?

I've found a web is selling such controllers 4 Xbox360 soooooooo cheap. Im worrying about the shipping safty, have u guys ever bought any vedio game products from overseas??????But it is really cheap and including mailling fees.lol


I've also got a couple of links to Xbox controllers that I am considering. Could you guys please tell me if they are compatible and which one is better?



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  1. That site looks decidedly dodgy if you ask me...

    If I were you I would consider either just getting the parts and modding one yourself or buying from a website you know will offer protection like eBay or Craigslist.
  2. ^+1. I actually went downt o my local video game store and bought a cheap Xbox 360 controller for $10. Has worked great since.
  3. If you don't really need the turbo functions you should be able to pick up a third party controller pretty cheap, I got a MadCatz wired for my PC for about $10 USD at Radio Shack, the triggers do not feel as solid as the official unit (they have yet to cause issue after 10 months), but $20 cheaper makes it fantastic (can replace 3x for the same cost of a MS device.) Personally I would go for a controller made by a reputable manufacturer over the shady "unknown manufacturer" items that propagate eBay, if you don't want to put a name on it there is probably a reason why. More-so for the wireless controllers, there is a reason they cost less than the MS units, if you don't mind used official MS controllers search Amazon and don't get a Chinese knockoff.
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