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I need help on setting up the mouse of QUAKE.Anyone can you give me accurate data on the sensitivity of the mouse and other settings as COOLLER or some other professional gamer such as the optimal settings in Control Panel on your computer,etc.,or whether any of the professionals use gamepad.I play from few months,but still can\'t fix my mouse.Thank you
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  1. you can't fix your mouse after a few months of play? wow

    to answer some of your questions, yes, professionals use game pads, the kind that game professionally on a console that is.

    optimal settings in control panel? you know the funny thing is, it all depends on what kind of mouse you got.

    if you can't figure out what mouse sensitivity you prefer over a period of two months, why are you looking at what pros do?
  2. Tnx for your answer,but you not help for real.Why i'm looking at what pros do?Why?Because you,me,we can not play like them in ours original mouse settings,i need some optimal settings for nice playing or we just will continue to be in the bottom.Enough?If you know some optimal mouse sensitivity settings pls share them.Thank you again.
  3. You seem to miss my point. The optimal mouse settings will depend on YOUR mouse speed preference and YOUR mouse dpi and polling rates.

    I prefer mouse sensitivity to be very low, my friend prefers his to be very high, typically we cannot use each other's computer for gaming, but skillwise/efftiveness in the game is about equal for both me and him. So, there's no "optimal" setting it all depends on how you, your set up and your hardware, hell it probably depends on your screen resolution too.
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