Bios on GA 7DX

I have a couple of questions that nobody has been able to answer, so I thought I'd see if anybody here can

#1 Under Adv. Bios Features I have a option to enable/disable HDD S.M.A.R.T. Capability- What exactly is this and what are the benifits of enabling or disabling? I now know what it is but does it really work?

#2 Under Frequency/Voltage Control - I have a option to disable/enable ClkGen Spread Spectrum. Same as above What is it and what are the benifits?

#3 in my bios my CPU fan speed shows either a "<" or "=" or ">" as the first number for the rpm's (example: "<690" or "=320")but under windows it says 12,000 to 13,000 rpm's. I was told at the shop I bought the fan from that it should run at about 7,000 rpm.

also I'm little concerned abou my cpu temp. it runs around 53 Deg. C. and my case is at 33 Deg. C., I was told by a friend that this is way to hot for the CPU, so I went to the AMD site and checked on it and it said normal temp should be 90-95 Deg. C. and I'm alot cooler than that. So am I too hot or not?? You Know, Like in the Danger Zone??

Ohwell hope yall understand this and would like to say thanks in advance to anybody who answers this post.

gigabyte GA 7DX Mobo
AMD 1200 266fsb
1 256mg and 1 128mg of pc2100 MT
soundblaster live
IBM ata 100 7200rpm
Kyro II prophet 64mg videocard
Kingston Nic
Yamaha CDR/CDRW 16-10-40
acer 56 CD
300w powersupply
Zip Drive on printer port
Samsung Syncmaster 955df 19"
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  1. Doesn't any body know what any of this means?? I'm on 4 different forums with the same post and nobody seems to know anything. Maybe I need to get my wife to post a question instead of me :-)
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