Sudden FPS drop BC2

Hello! :hello:

Newcomer here :)

I've got this problem that when i play Battlefield BC2 i suddenly get fps drop after 5 min playing. After some time i may not have any FPS drop at all and the game runs smoothly again. This doesn't seem to happen in singleplayer, only in multiplayer. I have a cooling pad on my system so cooling shouldn't be the problem. Listed temperature will be listed with PC specs further below.

I also play a lot of different games and it doesn't happen there either. I play WoW on Ultra with 60 fps (No shadows).

PC Spec:

Intel Core i3-380m
NVIDIA Geforce GT540m 1GB

Temp on heavy load in BC2 is max 75*C (performance only decreases at 85*C)

I hope you guys could help me with this problem!

Thanks and have a nice day!
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  1. could be a network problem ...coz even i play bc2 and sometimes fps drops .. to like 35 ..and shoots up again .... if ur fps on single player is good ..den it could be the internet connection ...
  2. Hmm, could be.. I can try a different connection tomorrow. But again, it doesn't happen in other games :)

    The FPS drop is constantly for some time and then it shoots up again.
  3. Problem is solved :) Found the solution myself.

    Simply took the laptop home to my place (was at my gf's place at the time) and the problem didn't happen there cause the place is a lot lower temp. It was because of overheating in the small room my laptop was in.

    Topic can be closed, wanna thank those who have been helping :)
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