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I get this Abit BE6 – II rev 1.2 w/ the wrong HPT controller drivers loaded on the CMOS module. Can’t flash cause of check sum error. HPT 366 drivers loading on HPT 370 chipset. No go. PCI bus all Fubar on primary controller. CTRL H takes me nowhere when system boots 'cause wrong CMOS (BE-II rev 1.1) is placed on mainboard(BE-II rev 1.2). Many crashes later, Abit says they’ll send me a new BIOS module. It’s here in three days, no cost. HUH? I’m suspicious. I don't know if the board arrived with the wrong controller BIOS, or if I inadvertently flashed it from the cdrom in a moment of supreme stupidity. In any event, it was corrupt.

Question is how is the module keyed? It’s symmetrical save for a thumbnail – shaped notch at one end of the module. If you plug the module in wrong, it’s junk.


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  1. I've never seen one keyed opposite the thumbnail cutout. Just match the cutouts.

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  2. the thumbnail shaped cut out is standard on ALL ic's, with the ic in front of you and the thumbnail at the top (ic pins down), pin 1 is the top left. Please ignore the "."'s in the middle of my ic drawing, bl00dy stupid thing wont draw it proper if I leave spaces

    2-| .|-11
    3-| .|-10
    4-| .|-9
    5-| .|-8

    The above pic shows a 12 pin ic, same goes for all, start at 1 and go down, then back up the other side, DO NOT plug it in the other way!!

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